Sunday, March 29, 2009


What the tonight a full moon? "B" seems to be possessed by some unknown force today. Way worse than normal lol I've cleaned up two completely full glasses of milk spilled...and when milk spills, it just doesn't stay in a little puddle, it seems to splash all over the walls, ceiling, cabinets..everywhere! Not once ( I remind you) but TWICE I've cleaned up milk. Then, daddy gives him a giant spoon full of peanut butter...harmless right?? WRONG! They decided to take a shower this morning so "M" tells him to give the spoon to mommy. Does that happen??? NOOOOOOOOOOO He runs in the kitchen and slings the spoon in the sink. No big deal I thought....until I get up and walk in the kitchen. There's a huge blob of peanut butter that I almost step in lying on the floor. So I'm trying to get that cleaned up before my little vacuum cleaner ("C") comes to eat it. I get that cleaned up. And why is it that once the phone rings, this triggers something in kids heads to immediately start screaming and wanting things?? To stop that, I gave "B" some crackers in a bowl and sent him on his way. I walk into the living room and where are they??? Spread out all over the floor and he and "C" are like maggots on roadkill hoovering over them shoving them in as fast as they can. Normally this wouldn't bother me and I'd just vacuum the crumbs up, but when I've spent all morning cleaning up messes, it's starting to get to me...JUST A LITTLE! (can you tell yet haha) The late afternoon goes mess free....until "M" stops by. He's working and was bringing us some freshly made kettle corn - the highlight of my day!! Just before he walks in the door, "B" has to go to the bathroom. So "C" is right on his heels following him. I heard "B" shut the door so we couldn't hear them. "M" comes in and asks where the kids are. I just looked at him and said I tied them up lol He just stops and looks at me. I never cracked a smile and he asked me again where they were. I told him they were tied up. He gets very quiet and listens...he hears nothing lol So he finally yells "B" come here, daddy's home. A few seconds pass and still silence (i'm loving this lol). He just looks at me like he's starting to believe I actually tied them up. Finally, "B" comes tearing out of the bathroom. He asks "B" where he was and he tells him "peeing". "M" leaves to go back out on the road and I go to turn the bathroom light off. As I walk in, what do you think I see?? A HUGE puddle of pee in the middle of the floor that is starting to soak into the corner of my rug. I'm livid now! The pee is 1/2 foot away from "B's" potty and instead of it being in there, it's in my floor! I ask "B" why there's pee in the floor and he said he couldn't find his potty. So I busted his butt and made HIM clean it up (mean mommy I know!) Only a few more minutes until bed time...I can not wait!! I'm hoping and praying that tomorrow is nothing like today!

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  1. I had one of those kind of weekends....too horrible to even spell out. I'm with you just praying that today is better than this weekend, although it's not starting out that way.