Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sick Kids

I hate it when one of my kids are sick..."B" has been snottin' around for about a week. Thursday we were less snotty so I thought we were kickin' the whole thing. Boy was I wrong! Thursday evening he started coughing and through the night spiked a fever. When he woke up Friday morning, he just laid around saying, "I don't feel good." Anyone who knows "B", knows that he doesn't lay around. He is always active and always on the go. So I called the doctor and we went in. We were told he has a sinus infection, given antibiotics and was told to take Motrin/Tylenol for his fever. He laid around all day yesterday sleeping on and off. Between the calls for crushed ice and scratch my leg, I didn't get much done. I did throw a chicken in the oven to bake and did get "C's" birthday cake in to bake. We are supposed to go to a bday party today but will not be making that. Last night "B's" fever hit 104 so at 1:30 this morning, he was soaking in a tub of cool water and taking a hit of motrin. We were all back in bed by 2:30 and his fever reduced to 101. I guess he was fine after that because I passed right out. "M's" alarm went off sometime around 6 which I didn't even hear and next thing I know, he and "B" were getting out of the shower and it was 6:43am. "B's" fever was back up to 102 so I gave him a hit of Tylenol. The only thing he will eat is dry Honey Nut Cheerios...good thing I bought 3 boxes while I was at Kroger's a couple days ago. We've already went through one box! Tomorrow is "C's" First Bday party...the way things are going now, "B" and daddy will miss the party. The doctor told us yesterday by about 48 hours he should be back to normal...unless something drastically changes today, I don't see that happening. Well, I'm off to try and get my kitchen cleaned up and some laundry done. I gotta try and get the cake iced and decorated!

Friday, February 27, 2009


Yesterday I took "B" and "C" to Quantum Soccer. This is a local indoor soccer arena. They have recently added a huge inflatable slide/house and put out balls, hoola hoops, and fun noodles for the kids to go wild. They can run the soccer field and just totally burn up energy. "B" had a good time, as well as "C". We met a few friends there and had a good time. "B" and I then went shopping to finish up things for "C's" 1st Birthday Party this weekend. "B" was starting to get a small cough by yesterday afternoon. Last night he woke up coughing and with a fever. It never fails that when we have a rough night, "M" gets called out. The phone rings at 5:45 telling him he had to mark up by 6am. So, needless to say, everyone was up. "B" has just been lying around all morning so I'm waiting for 8am to get here so I can call the doctor. I've gotta get him fixed before "C" catches this cold gone wrong. We have to take "C" up to Pittsburgh next week for pre-op work so I'm trying to keep him as well as I can. With the weather the way it is here, it's no wonder everyone is getting sick. Well, I'm off to start breakfast...hope you all have a great day!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Missing Someone

I often wonder what goes through kids heads..."B" can come up with some really off the wall stuff and is really passionate about it...usually it's some wild story that would make you believe it really happened. Last night we were getting ready for bed and he turns to me and says, "Mom, I'm ready to go see Jesus so I can eat donuts with him and paw-paw billbart (my grandfather's last name was Brillhart, but the way I spelled it is how "B" says it). " I said, "Really? Do you think that's what paw-paw is doing with Jesus?" He said, "Yes, I will eat chocolate donuts and paw-paw and Jesus are eating the white ones". (The details just amaze me) So I asked what else he thought they were doing. "B" looks at me again and says, "Mom, I wanna go bowling with them also". (A few months ago we had a thunderstorm and "B" was afraid of the thunder so I told him that was Jesus and paw-paw bowling. The loud claps of thunder was the ball hitting the pins and knocking them now he's not afraid and gets really excited when he hears thunder) So I had to explain to him that we can't go see them. He turns to me and says, "I know mom, I have to get really old and die and then I can go see paw-paw. But I can go to his house and play with his stuff." Yes you can son lol He's talked a lot about his great paw-paw over the last week. I think he's finally starting to realize that he's not here and is not coming back. Now that the weather has been a little warmer, I think it's bringing back a lot of memories because we used to spend a lot of time with paw-paw. On a clear night you can see tons of stars in our backyard. There is always one that is really, really bright...."B" knows this one as the porch light paw-paw turns on when it gets dark outside so he can watch over us at night. I just hope that the older he gets, he will still be able to remember all of the good times he and his paw-paw had...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Throw Me Some Beads...Mister!!

If you've never been to Mardi Gras, you're truly missing out. I sort of have my own Bucket List and this was one of the places I wanted to go and experience. A few years ago, a year or so before "M" came along, I went with a friend. We had an absolute blast!! I loved every minute of it. I am a true city girl at heart! My hotel was right on Bourbon Street and once we arrived, the Valet driver took my car and that was the last time I saw it until we were checking out. So as today ends the '09 Mardi Gras Season...Happy Fat Tuesday Everyone!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

10 Min Please...

I have a lot to do today so I thought I would check my email this morning before I get started. Little did I know that the 10 min process would take me over an hour. I sit down, log on and "B" has to biggie there. So I get up, go finish him up, come back. I am almost done reading one email when "C" sneezes...up again to wipe snot off of his face. I sit back down..."B" is ready to take his medicine...back up...that's done. For taking his meds we usually give him a couple of chocolate chips. He can't have that until he finishes his breakfast. I get sat back down to read another email and here he comes with his bowl of eggs for me to help him get the rest in the spoon. That's, back to reading. He then realizes that he's finished his eggs so he can have his choc chips now...back up to get those. I sit back down to read and I start smelling something pretty rank. "C" has now pooped. Up I go again to change him...Maybe at one point this morning I will get through all of my emails...snot, poop, repeat!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

One on One Time

Yesterday "B" and I went to see Disney on Ice...Mickey and Friends. He had seen 2 or 3 commercials on tv for it so I decided to take him at the last minute. "M" was working so it would be great chance for me to get to spend just one on one time with "B". We each took a friend with us so off we went with no ticket in hand. The show started at 11 and we arrived at the Civic Center around 10. We were able to walk right up to the ticket window and surprisingly enough, get some pretty awesome seats that were way cheaper than I was expecting. We had to stop and look over every toy being sold and of course all of the food. "B" decided on a Flounder hat that came with a bag of popcorn. We found our seats and first thing, "B" was all about digging in to the popcorn (he actually at his popcorn out of his hat). The lights finally dimmed and the show started. He was so excited to see Mickey. For the whole first half, he sat very still...eyes glued to the stage. Intermission soon came and the potty was calling. Once that was over with, we refilled his hat with popcorn and were ready for the second half. The second half was "B's" favorite....Tinkerbell!! He loves Tinkerbell. The only reason he knows who she is, is because we bought his cousin the new Tinkerbell movie for her birthday and he remembered that. So once she came out, he was hooked again. Of course Peter Pants (as he calls him) was there with her. The end of the show went out with a bang...literally...with a couple fireworks. "B" loved it!! We had a great time together!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


"M" pulled off a great ending to my entering old age lol He came home from work with a cake, present and cards from he and the boys. This is the first time that he's really done anything and he couldn't have picked a better time to do it...Love You!! We started off today a little rough...but by noon everything was looking much better. The snot started to dry a little, the moods were improving, and I had received a very unexpected bouquet of black Over the Hill balloons on my porch from a good friend (again, sorry you missed seeing me as we were napping lol - which is a great way to turn old...old = napping). I blew out my candles and wished for a good night of sleep...we'll see what happens. So thanks to everyone for the wishes and many laughs!! I'm off to get the kids in bed so I can watch the last cross over between Grey's and Private Practice!!

Heading Down Hill Fast

So today is my 30th Birthday....I've officially kissed my 20's goodbye and am starting a new decade. That's something really nice to think about...I've lived 3 decades and working on another one...nice!! I've found wrinkles and thanks to my boys...about 3 whiskers that randomly grow out of my chin. I used to pluck those in secret, but "M" caught me once and now he just laughs really loud and makes fun of me...usually saying..."I have a razor you can borrow to shave your beard" haha very freakin' funny!! He is then reminded that he is quickly kissing 40 and the receding hairline will soon start!! This morning has already been a great one...the last two nights have been restless as "B" keeps waking up and getting in our bed and then every hour requesting that "M" scratch his back or he needs a drink of water. Last night he finally slept all night in his bed and "C" decided to take his turn. He woke up around 1 screaming. So I got up made a bottle and that seemed to send him back to sleep...thank goodness!! I am hoping for a full night of sleep tonight, but both kids seem to be snotty and VERY I'm sure that won't happen. Maybe I will make that my bday wish...wait, there are no candles to blow out! Well, I hope each of you enjoy your day...I'm off to medicate a couple of kids!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


So I just have to share one of our morning conversations with everyone that we had yesterday...Sometimes I just have to sit back and wonder where in the world my 3 year old comes up with stuff. He is very smart and can put things together rather easily. Yesterday, "M" was getting ready to walk out the door to go to work. "B" was whining and telling him not to go. So "B" gives him one last kiss and then says, "I don't like mommy...put her in the dump truck and take her to the landfill". I'm like what?...hello, I'm standing right here!! "M" says "Why do you want to take her to the landfill?" "B" says, "so you can stay home". Well, how do you like that?? Take me to the landfill so daddy can stay home. Guess that's a clue that he's tired of being stuck home with mommy all day and wants some daddy time. At first it kind of hurt my feelings but then I just blow it off because he's told "M" on countless occasions that he doesn't like him (usually when he's in trouble) and I guess it's my turn to hear it now. I have to admit that it does sting a little when you hear your kid say "I don't like you." I am expecting to hear it when he's like 14 or 15 and screams "I hate you" then storms off to his room and slams the door ( I can clearly remember saying it to my parents lol), but I never thought at the age of 3 I would have to hear it. Once "M" left, I explained to him that those were not nice words and we shouldn't say them...we'll see if it comes up again. As for now, I'm just trying to stay out of the landfill!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day...I really enjoy this day. I think every day we all take things for granted and this day just makes us stop and think. It allows us the chance to do something special for the one's we love. Last night "M" and I went out to dinner and a movie...the movie wasn't all that great but he was a great sport and sat through enduring the 2 hour ongoing feature. I am very thankful to have "M" in my life. I'm not really sure what I would do without him. So, "M" if you are reading this...I love you very much and I appreciate all of the things that you do for me and our boys. Next, to all of my friends...thanks for always being there and the never ending support...I love you girls!! I hope each of you spend the rest of this Valentine's Day with your loved ones and have a great day!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Busy Bee

Just a quick note...No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...This week has been very busy AND our computer cord broke so we had to get a new one. 4 days without the internet seems like an eternity!! We finally have "C's" surgery date...March 12th. Then, this nightmare will all be over with! The dr's still aren't sure what it is so I guess we'll find that out about a week after surgery once it's sent off to pathology. Well, I'm off to get some laundry done...yeah!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Growing Up

Today "B" and I are at the table eating lunch. Out of the blue he says "Mom, I want to go dancing." I said, "You do?" He grins really big and says "Yes, I want to take my girlfriend dancing." What???????? He just turned 3!! Where in the heck did he come up with this?! So I asked, "Who's your girlfriend?" After a few minutes he can't come up with anyone's name. I told him to keep it that way and he wasn't taking any girl dancing until he's 25!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bad Mommy

To keep my sanity...I have to get back to the lighter side of things for a little while. I took "B" for his 3-yr check up yesterday. I was explaining to him before we left what all would happen. He specifically asked me if he had to get any shots. I told him no. So we're at his appt and the doctor has checked him out and looks at his records and proceeds to tell me that he not only needs 1 shot, but he needs 2 of them. I thought...oh no! "B" hadn't picked up on any of this and was bugging me for a piece of gum. The doctor left and I had to tell "B" that he was getting 2 shots. He looked at me and said "NO mommy! They hurt." I told him that he has to have them to make him big and strong and that if he wanted to go to school he had to get them. He gets this brave face on and pulls his legs out. About that time, the nurse walks in and he screams NOOO. I said it's ok she has to do it. The nurse brought reinforcement to help hold because "B" is VERY strong. He is screaming bloody murder. I'm bribing him with gum and donuts...anything to get him to lie down and hold somewhat still. The shots are given and she puts the band-aids's all over with. "B" is still crying huge crocodile tears and saying "It's still whurtin me." The whole way out of the office he's crying very loudly and I am having to carry him because he's not able to hurts too bad. (Luckily he hit his head before we even left for the dr so he had a dose of motrin in him...well, not lucky he hit his head but you know what i mean) I had to stop by Tim Horton's and get him a couple of Timbits because he's not able to walk and soothe over being a bad mommy and lying to my kid. He will probably never trust me again when it comes to going to the dr lol I had to run by Kroger's afterwards and pick up a few things and poor "B" is still not able to walk. It wasn't until we went to pick up "C" from my grandma's. He jumps out of the car and is so excited...he starts screaming "Mommy, I can walk...I can walk!" The pain had finally went away and it was all just a memory...until daddy comes home and we had to relive it all over again.


So I've been tagged...Alisha from http://latenightrantingsofatoddlermom/ tagged me to find my 6th picture folder and the 6th picture in that folder. So this is "B" at 2 years old riding his horse. I am tagging Sandra from to find a picture.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


We're back from Pittsburgh...for now. It seems that every time we get one step closer, we take two steps back. We saw the surgeon (loved him...he's a little guy that is very methodical - and was wearing a purple bow tie lol) and his first words to us were "I have no idea what this is". I answered..."hmm, that's what we hear every where we go". He gave us his thoughts on what he thinks it may be but again, no one really knows until they get in there. He sent us back home for an MRI (we tried getting it done while we were there but there were no openings). He wants to get a better look at the makeup and size of this before he gets in there. I should hear back this afternoon with an MRI date. The surgery will then be scheduled once he sees the results. So our next trip to Pa will be to have this removed! Going in to this, we thought it would be a pretty easy surgery...we were wrong...very wrong! We were told yesterday that the only way to remove this is to cut "C" from ear to ear across the top of his head. My poor little guy will have to be shaved bald for the first time since he's had hair come in. I can't even imagine that pain that he will be in...thank goodness for medicine! I am very thankful that we are having to do this at such a young age as he will not remember any of this. I am really worried about the scar but everyone is being nice and saying...that will be his character mark. I'd much rather have a different mark but we just have to go with what we're being dealt. We're getting to the bottom of piece at a time!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Life's Journey

As we get ready to head to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital, I can hardly stand the anticipation...the anticipation of not knowing what to expect. As many of you know, "C" (who will be 11 months on Thursday) has a "mass" that is growing on his cheek bone. We are being referred to a Pediatric Craniofacial Plastic Surgeon to take a look at what we are dealing with. I'm not sure that all of this has sunk in yet. We're almost in robot mode. I have been so busy organizing and packing and making sure I have everything ready to go that I haven't really had a chance to think about what is going to happen. Sure I know we're facing surgery but the magnitude of this hasn't all hit me yet. It probably won't until we are looking face to face at the hospital. I am certain that we will be in the best of hands but again, it's the not knowing. As a parent, we don't ever think we will be in a situation like always happens to someone else. But, it has happened to us. The only thing we can do is face it head on and pray for the best. Whatever comes our way...we will be ready for it!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


So I just finished watching the 2009 Super Bowl - congrats to the Steelers! I am a huge Dallas Cowboy fan so this game didn't mean that much to me. Of course I have to watch it just because it's the mother of all football games and because the greatest commercials of all time are shown. Here are my favs from this year.... Babies (ETrade) -, Mr and Mrs. Potato Head -, Doritos Bus -, Bud Light Skier -, and my number 1 fav - Hate Work - (the lady screaming is just hilarious to me lol) Well, I'm off to bed...I hope you all enjoyed the commercials as much as I did!