Saturday, January 31, 2009


I never knew how much I LOVED my bed...I mean REALLY LOVE my bed. I especially love it between the hours 4am-6am. For some reason this is when I'm in that deep sleep and all nice and warm wrapped up in the covers. However, this all comes to an abrupt stop when Rock 105 comes blasting over the radio promptly at 6am. "C" is sleeping in bed with us...his poor body jumps at least 4 feet every morning as he hears the rock songs blairing. That's when our day starts. "M" gets up and starts getting ready for work while I start breakfast. By 7am, he's out the door and breakfast time is over. Just once, I wish we could sleep in. Both kids internal alarm clocks are set to 6 even on "M"'s days off. I can only wish for the day when both kids are sleeping in their own beds and don't get up until 8...I'd even be happy with 7!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


As the day has gone's only gotten messier! "B" and I went out to try and play in the snow. We really couldn't do much because the snow is pretty much ice. You couldn't even see where "B" had been because the top of the snow was pretty much a solid sheet of ice. Once we came in, I fixed spaghetti o's for lunch. After that is when it gets really bad! I pulled out the fingerpaint. I covered the kitchen table with an old table cloth, stripped "C" down and put an old shirt on "B". At first they both just stuck one finger in it and looked at me like what's the big deal about this. Then, I explained that you smear it all around with your hands. "C" was the first one to smear it on his face (he actually tried to eat it but missed and hit his lip). Then it was on for "B". He had it all over both cheeks telling me he was rubbing in lotion. He then "rubbed" it all over his arms, clear up to his elbows. It was worth it...the messier the better! Once everyone was all cleaned up and their "art" was drying, it was time for a nap. I almost have "C" asleep when "B" comes in and says that he accidentally flipped the remaining spaghetti o's in the floor. I told him it was ok and I would clean it up when "C" fell asleep. Little did I know the entire bowl flipped upside down. There were spaghetti o's all down the front of my cabinets, all in the floor, and on my rub. Why is it that when you have a mess of this size, you're out of bleach wipes and paper towels?! Thank goodness that's all over and done with. We only have a few more hours until bed, let's see if we can make it until then without mass chaos!!


So we're going on about day 4 where we haven't been out of the house. This morning we have already built a fort, have every single toy thrown out of the toy box, and cheerios spread from one end of the house to the other. I absolutely love the snow, but I'm wishing for a break. I'd love to see the sun come out and dry this stuff up! I guess since we've been stuck in the house for so long , "C" has now started to walk. He is still a little (well a lot) wobbly, but he has figured out that he can explore things from a higher level. As for "B", he has an "imaginary" dog named Doggy Puppy "G". Well this morning, doggy puppy turned in to a roller skate. "B" had tied my robe belt to his roller skate and was taking him for a walk. He then proceeded to tell me that he was taking doggy puppy for shots. He was "weally, weally sick". So off they went. Now you have to get the full picture here..."B" is wearing a bright yellow over sized t-shirt, a very bright blue sun hat (side flaps and all), he had a tennis shoe on one foot and a snow boot on the other....pulling a pink floral belt from my robe that is tied to a red roller skate. Up and down the halls he went pulling his "dog". All of this has taken place before 8am. I just can't wait to see what else the day will bring...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

OK, so before I fix lunch I must share this with you. Now as I mentioned before, we love poop around here. (so i'm sure you know where this is headed) "B" and I were getting ready to go out and sleigh ride this morning. "C" was down for his nap so we were like lightning getting dressed. I'm ready and I'm zipping up "B"'s coat, put his gloves on and we have the back door open and..."B" goes mom, "my belly hurtin'...I have to poop". I said, "What?! We just got you all zipped up." I couldn't believe it. So as fast as I can, I jerk off the gloves, unzip his coat, rip it off, unsnap his snow bibs, try to get those down, pull his other pair of pants down, and get him all situated on his potty...all for him to sit there for 3 seconds and say "MOM, I DON'T HAVE TO POOP!" WHAT???? I'm thinking what do you mean you don't have to poop. He looks up at me with big puppy dog eyes and says, "My belly no hurtin' anymore". I just looked at him and said "ok". So we spent another 5 minutes trying to put him back together and out the door we went.

The Unknown

So I'm having trouble coming up with something for today. I have a ton of stuff to get done today so my mind is somewhere else. Most of you know that we'll be leaving tomorrow morning for Pittsburgh to take "C" up for his consultation. We have no idea what will happen. We may be staying for a few days while he has surgery or we may be coming back tomorrow evening. The hardest part about all of this is the unknown. We aren't really sure what's growing in his cheek, what all of that will turn out to be, etc. The only thing I do know is that it's all in GOD's hands. He won't give us anything we can't handle. All of this has made "M" and I stronger people. By the time all of this is over, we'll be even stronger! Philippians 4:13 "I can do everything through him who gives me strength"

Monday, January 26, 2009

Little Things

Have you ever stopped and just thought about all of the little things in life that makes you happy? I guess having kids and almost turning 30 (ahhhhhhh) my views on things have totally changed. I'm learning to not sweat the small stuff and just take each day as it comes. I've listed some of the things that I love and I hope as you're reading mine, you'll take a minute from this crazy life we live in and think of little things make you happy!

My boys laughter, "M", the smell of rain, a warm sunny day, the smell of flowers, the smell of newly cut grass, vanilla, a fresh pot of coffee brewing, walking barefooted in the sand, the smell of the ocean, hot laundry right out of the dryer, the way I feel on a crisp fall day, the colors of the leaves in the fall, 1st snow of the winter, having a snowball fight, making snow angels, the rush I get on black friday, a short line at the store, hitting all green lights, laughing, smiling, an unexpected hug, someone else washing my hair, 1st night sleeping on new sheets, waking up Christmas morning, the smell on Thanksgiving Day

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Just the thought of this dirty task makes me cringe. I don't mind the actually washing and drying part of it ("M" says it's because I don't have to do anything but load them haha) but I HATE to put it away. I could fold it all day long but just having to put it away makes me sick. I usually fold everything on my bed and then sort it into stacks for each of us. I will go and put the kids stuff away and usually mine while I'm standing there. But as for "M", his is usually still stacked up when he comes home from work. Does HE put it away? NOPE. So when it's time for bed...guess where it's sitting? You guessed it...still in the neat stack right where I left it about 6 hours earlier. So he tosses it into the floor and that's where it stays. Because of his line of work, he has numerous black t-shirts, socks, long t-shirts, and long underwear. They are all spread out all over his side of the room. Each night I dig through the pile and find what he needs for the next morning and lay it out. (Can we say spoiled? Its actually so he doesn't flip on the lights at 6:15 in the morning to dig through the pile himself, only to move one item out of the way and then say "Have you seen my....I can't find it" but that's a whole other blog in itself). I am very curious to see if there's actually someone out there that likes this tedious task and has time right then with kids running around screaming, I need a drink or I have to poop...If so, feel free to comment. Well, I'm off to start another load!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

And the winner is...

So this morning I have several things that I'm trying to choose to write about. But, the winner is going to be about potty training (well, actually poop). For those of you who really know me, you know how much we LOVE poop at our house. It's an everyday issue...some days greater than others. I don't have much of a choice with three males in the house...there's always farting, pooping, or talking about farting and pooping. "B" has been using the bathroom on his own now for 3 weeks. Most days he's excellent at it, but for some reason this past week has been a nightmare. If you ask me, it's pure LAZINESS. He's a male, duh! He will stop two feet from the bathroom and fire away on the hallway carpet. The response when I ask why..."I had to WEALLY pee mommy." I said, "OK, but you're two feet from your potty, why not just go that extra 4 steps?" As many 3 years would reply, "I don't know". So that ends the conversation until the crying starts because I tell him to go get a towel and clean it up (which he could care less about cleaning it up, it's the fact that he has to miss an extra minute of Lazy Town or Miss Sunny's Spider Patch Friends to do it). That's pee in my floor, you're gonna clean it up. 3 or not! But what I like best is how he has already figured out how to use the potty to his advantage. The first one...I can bet money that every single time he sits in time out, he has to go potty. So I have to let him up because I'm just not sure if he does or not and peeing in the floor or in his pants is just not an option! So, the timer stops, he does his thing (which so far he really does go) and then back to time out we go. He probably figures if he has to take time away from the tv, why not use this time to use the potty as well. Second...I think it's totally amazing that when it's time to clean up toys, a poop attack comes on. Coincidence?? Maybe but I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that he thinks if he goes to poop, then 'ol mom will clean up the rest and he will get out of it...WRONG! So off he goes. I go back to check on him, because I'm forbidden in there and as he strongly says to me every time "Mom, leave, it will stink WEALLY, WEALLY bad." I'm standing outside the closed door so I can go in and clean him up afterwards. If I'm not there, he's off like a bolt of lighting climbing on furniture (eeewww yuck), so I have to drop what I'm doing and head back with him. Once I have been called upon to fulfill my motherly duties, there is ALWAYS the discussion of what his "treasures" look like. Most of the time he tells me (very proudly) that he pooped chocolate chips. "Great job", I tell him. I'm so proud!! My son poops chocolate chips. Wouldn't that make any mother beam with excitement!! Now if I could only get him to "make some money". Third...dinner time. It never fails. We all sit down to a nice, quiet dinner (yeah right) and out of his chair he climbs. So I say (and this is the exact same conversation EVERY single night) " "B" Get back in your chair. But mom, I have to poop". Nice!! Just what I want to do...start eating my dinner only to have to stop, get up, wipe butt, flush the "treasures", wash up, and then return to my plate. Back up in his chair he goes and we all continue as if nothing ever happened! The End

Friday, January 23, 2009


So I'm finally coming to terms with some things. I am able to openly admit that I am addicted to the internet and to evening tv. During the day my tv is on Noggin and is forbidden to be changed by me 3 year old. So I am constantly checking my email, facebook, myspace, cafemom, and my blogs as if I am going to miss something extremely important! When 7:45pm rolls around I am nothing but ecstatic when "C" is down for the night and my DSO is reading bedtime stories to "B". I usually log on one last time (well who am I kidding) I just log on to check all of the above named websites again before I become totally consumed with my tv. Then at 8pm I am set - from 8 to 10 or 11 I am glued to the tv. Monday and Wednesday are the only night's that are not really pre-planned. I am able to flip back and forth for the first hour. I am so nice that I let "M" watch whatever he wants until 9 on Monday because then, Jon & Kate Plus 8 comes on. But, Tuesday night is where it really starts to get interesting. From 8 - 10 is The Biggest Loser and then at 10 I watch the news. I have to keep up on some of the important things going on around me (which sad to say is usually a murder or robbery). Wednesday again is not all that planned out. But Thursday, I am now totally hooked on Grey's Anatomy. I have always watched it's spin-off Private Practice, but after one episode (which was last week) I was hooked! I am so bad that I won't answer the phone during this time unless it's a commercial. Most people don't call during this time anyway, because they know the chances of me answering are slim to none. I just don't know what else to say about Private Practice other than I LOVE THIS SHOW. I can't wait for it to come on and now in a couple of weeks, the producers are intertwining Grey's and Private Practice. Addison is coming to Grey's to do surgery! Ahhhhh I just can't wait. I'm sure some of you are thinking, this girl is really sad, but hey, when all you see all day long is Noggin, I am totally psyched to be in control of my own remote and be able to sit quietly and just watch with the only interruption being commercials. Friday night used to be Wife Swap but now Howie Do It comes on so I've converted to this for a while. Then at 9 is SuperNanny (and those of you who really know me, know that I hang on to every word she says). At 10 I'm on the news again. Saturday and Sunday are usually Mark's days as there's really nothing good on. I tried watching Desperate Housewives but couldn't get into that one. Oh yeah, and one last thing....chocolate. Need I say more?!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Most of you know what we've been going through the last couple of weeks with "C" and his "mass" on his cheek. Today we visit the surgeon's office for some answers and more decisions. I know that "C" is on just about every prayer chain or list throughout the valley and I am very grateful to everyone who has remembered us in prayer (we've certainly needed it). Last night we received a "prayer shaw" from Baptist Temple Church. I have never heard of these, let alone seen one before and I have no idea where this church is located. My "MIL" brought it over last night and said that her boss attends this church and a group of ladies get together and crochet a shaw (which is actually much bigger than a shaw and a little smaller than a blanket) and while they are doing it, they are praying for everyone involved in the process of fixing/healing "C". Attached was a poem about the shaw explaining the meaning. As I sat crying reading the poem and just the thought of people doing this for someone they don't even know...I'm in total amazement. I still can't get over the fact that we received this from total strangers. I am very thankful that there are still genuinely "nice" people in this world. This has been the greatest gift we have ever far!! As we go on with our day today, I have no idea what is about to face us but I can only leave it in God's hands and deal with what we are handed. I just thank each of you who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Goes In Must Come Out...

So today we've pretty much just been hanging around the house. We were out this morning running errands for about an hour but since then, we've been cooped up in the house. I was in the kitchen washing bottles (my least favorite thing to do) and "B" comes running in the kitchen trying to cry. I asked him what's wrong and he starts trying to choke. He's saying "I have to puke up". I look over where he was playing in the floor and I see pennies. So I asked if he swallowed one. He shakes his head yes. I try to get him calmed down thinking to myself "Holy Crap!! Do I call the doctor?" I know that they'll just tell me to give it a day or two and see if it comes out the other end. But what if it gets stuck somewhere in there? So I'm still debating with myself on what to do when all of a sudden "B" coughs real hard and out pops a dime. He starts really crying and saying I need to go to the doctor. I asked, "Did you swallow more money?" He said no. I told him he was fine and off he went to watch Little Bear on Noggin. So I guess we'll really find out if more went down in the next day or so. One good thing to remember though...what goes in must come out - one end or the other!

Welcome and Get Ready for the Ride

Welcome to Pink in a House of Blue! I stay at home with my two boys while my loving SO goes off to work. I must admit sometimes I'm jealous and would love to be able to just get up and go out the door forgetting about the dirty diapers, stacks of dishes, mounds of laundry, and strategically placed toys throughout my house. But, I don't think there's any other job out there that allows me to stay in my pj's until 1pm if that's what I choose to do. I am just trying to survive in a house full of males. I am finally realizing that this is how it's going to be for...ever! However, I wouldn't have it any other way. I have a very active 3 year old and one laid back happy baby who will be 1 in March. My 3 year old is all "boy"! The messier the better would have to be his motto. The Magic Eraser is my best friend and I have a large supply of them in my cabinet. As for the baby, he just sits back and takes it all in. He's just starting to take a few steps, so God help me when I have two completely mobile kids! I hope you will enjoy visiting my page and I hope even more that what happens here, happens in your home too. If for some reason you don't like what I have to say, the good thing is you don't have to read or visit this page again. If you do, hang on and enjoy the ride! It will be a good never know what will happen in this house!