Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beach Bound...

So we're heading to the beach for vacation. We weren't able to go last year due to the Hurricane's hitting the coast. I'm psyched to be going. I love the beach, more so laying out than getting in water that I can't see what's swimming underneath me. I'm scared to death of getting stung by a jellyfish! So far that hasn't happened...(knock on wood). The laying out in the sun is catching up with me though as I just turned 30 last month and I am finding wrinkles. I'm working on reversing that also, but everyone looks way better with a tan!! I have a goal to lose 20-25 lbs before we go...I started counting calories and working out Monday. So far, so good. I'm trying to keep my calories around 1200 a day. I bought a Biggest Loser CardioMax DVD that is awesome! I highly recommend that to anyone! Bob, Jillian, and Kim are all on there. There's a 5 min warm-up and then Bob has a 10 min session and then there's a 5 min cool down. You do this for the first week or two (depending on your level) and then you add Jillian's part in addition to Bob's for the next couple of weeks and then the last 2 weeks you had Kim's workout. I'm sweating in the warm-up lol Bob loves to do squats and lunges. After I did the DVD yesterday, I walked with "B" in the stroller for 45 min and then last night played Wii fit for an hour. Today, my butt and hamstrings are so sore that I can't squat or bend over lol So needless to say, I didn't do the DVD today. I'm getting ready to workout with Bob and hoping that the soreness will be gone very soon!! Wish me luck...I'm very determined to drop the pounds!!!

Spring Time

I saw this somewhere and thought it would be fun to post. 6 things you love or hate about Spring...it can be 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 sentences, 6 pictures, 6 videos, etc....

1) I love Spring weather!

2) Spring puts me in the mood to throw things out and clean really good

3) I love to open my windows and let fresh air in!

4) I love Spring because it means Summer is on it's way (which usually equals a trip to the


5) Most everyone is happy for a little while...sunshine does wonders!

6) I hate the allergies, headaches, and snot it brings!

Feel free to comment on your 6 best or worst things about Spring! Happy Spring!!
Oh and by the way, nothing exciting happened today. It was nice and sunny here so we were outside all day. Have a good evening!

Jabber Jaws

I haven't realized until this morning that "B" talks non-stop. I heard/felt him climb into our bed this morning around 6:30. I thought for sure given the time, he'd just go back to sleep. Boy was I wrong! He started talking about how big he was getting and how much bigger he was than "C". Then he went into talking all about the beach and we couldn't get in because there are "great big sharks" in there. After that I'm not even sure what he said...all I know is this went on until 7:30. "C" finally woke up and wanted to play. I'm still not sure why "B" was up so early but I know he has not stopped talking all morning. I'm not sure why I haven't noticed this before....when they're babies all we want is for them to talk and now all we want is for them to shut up! lol "M" is off today so we'll see what kind of exciting adventure we'll get into today...maybe another mall trip haha - don't think so!

Monday, March 30, 2009

by the way

as i was going to bed last night, i made a stop to the potty. as i turn around to sit down, i notice something peeking out of the hole. i'm thinking, what the heck is in the toilet? i stick my hand, well half of my arm, in the cold water and pull out a round magnet that goes to the boys magnadoodle. if i would not have turned on the light, i would have never known. maybe i'm better off not knowing...anything! lol Have a wonderful Monday morning!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


What the heck...is tonight a full moon? "B" seems to be possessed by some unknown force today. Way worse than normal lol I've cleaned up two completely full glasses of milk spilled...and when milk spills, it just doesn't stay in a little puddle, it seems to splash all over the walls, ceiling, cabinets..everywhere! Not once ( I remind you) but TWICE I've cleaned up milk. Then, daddy gives him a giant spoon full of peanut butter...harmless right?? WRONG! They decided to take a shower this morning so "M" tells him to give the spoon to mommy. Does that happen??? NOOOOOOOOOOO He runs in the kitchen and slings the spoon in the sink. No big deal I thought....until I get up and walk in the kitchen. There's a huge blob of peanut butter that I almost step in lying on the floor. So I'm trying to get that cleaned up before my little vacuum cleaner ("C") comes to eat it. I get that cleaned up. And why is it that once the phone rings, this triggers something in kids heads to immediately start screaming and wanting things?? To stop that, I gave "B" some crackers in a bowl and sent him on his way. I walk into the living room and where are they??? Spread out all over the floor and he and "C" are like maggots on roadkill hoovering over them shoving them in as fast as they can. Normally this wouldn't bother me and I'd just vacuum the crumbs up, but when I've spent all morning cleaning up messes, it's starting to get to me...JUST A LITTLE! (can you tell yet haha) The late afternoon goes mess free....until "M" stops by. He's working and was bringing us some freshly made kettle corn - the highlight of my day!! Just before he walks in the door, "B" has to go to the bathroom. So "C" is right on his heels following him. I heard "B" shut the door so we couldn't hear them. "M" comes in and asks where the kids are. I just looked at him and said I tied them up lol He just stops and looks at me. I never cracked a smile and he asked me again where they were. I told him they were tied up. He gets very quiet and listens...he hears nothing lol So he finally yells "B" come here, daddy's home. A few seconds pass and still silence (i'm loving this lol). He just looks at me like he's starting to believe I actually tied them up. Finally, "B" comes tearing out of the bathroom. He asks "B" where he was and he tells him "peeing". "M" leaves to go back out on the road and I go to turn the bathroom light off. As I walk in, what do you think I see?? A HUGE puddle of pee in the middle of the floor that is starting to soak into the corner of my rug. I'm livid now! The pee is 1/2 foot away from "B's" potty and instead of it being in there, it's in my floor! I ask "B" why there's pee in the floor and he said he couldn't find his potty. So I busted his butt and made HIM clean it up (mean mommy I know!) Only a few more minutes until bed time...I can not wait!! I'm hoping and praying that tomorrow is nothing like today!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trip to the Mall

"M" was off today and like any other day he has off, we spend the first couple of hours trying to decide what to do. It has poured the rain all day!! We decided to take the kids to the mall and get pics with the Easter Bunny and try to find their Easter outfits. "M" wanted to try and find some running shorts too. We arrive at the mall (and it's still pouring the rain) and get everything and everyone all situated. We head for the bunny first to see how bad the line is and when their breaks are. We're in luck...no line and he was just sitting there waiting for screaming kids! Mine however, did excellent! Both were smiling and the pics turned out awesome. I think to myself...good 1 down, 3 to go. Next we stopped at Gymboree and found nothing for the kids. We finally went to Sears and I found matching (gag, I know...but I wanted them to be dressed alike but in different colors) outfits. "B" will be wearing black dress pants with a blue dress shirt and a grey/black stripped vest with a blue and pink tie (very cute!!). "C" has the exact same set up only his dress shirt is green and the tie is green and black stripped. However, we didn't make it out of there without a complete meltdown. (Since "C's" surgery, he's been very clingy to me...I can not leave his sight without a total scream fest!) In the middle of trying to find his pant size, he refused to stay in the stroller and would only be held by me. I'm trying to get his jeans off to try on his dress pants while "M" is trying to help me. "B" is running around looking at all of the clothes. He yells out at the top of his lungs, "Mommy, I found Diego underwear. I can wear these tonight!" In the stroller they go, along with a DVD that he found just minutes before and a Mickey Mouse outfit that he tore apart, tags and all. I'm starting to sweat by now because it's literally 80+ degrees in Sears and we're on the top floor. There is another couple shopping kid free a couple rows over. I can clearly see him giving us dirty looks as she is smirking. I think to myself, at this point it will only take me about 2 seconds to knock that smirk clear off her face and I'm pretty sure I could take him too! I'm sure I was probably the same way before I had kids but now that I have them, I realize that everyone goes through this and if we can limit the items getting tossed in the cart or stroller and the yelling is kept to a minimal, then we're doing great! "B" finally announces (very loudly) that he "has to pee". "M" and "B" go off to the bathrooms and I take a minute and get regrouped and the stroller reorganized. "C" is back in the stroller with cheese puffs and juice (that I spilled out in the floor along with every other item out of the diaper bag) only wearing socks and his onesie. (Can't you just see this now? Go ahead and laugh, I am now lol) I think half of the screaming battle was the heat! I get his outfit put back together on the hanger and proceed to the check-out...2 down...1 to go. We're off to Dick's to find some running shorts...no luck - strike 3! We stop at American Cookie to get the boys their free cookie for visiting the bunny. Everyone is still remaining calm...especially "M" which is great! We make one last stop at Border's Book Store. I take the kids to the back and read books while "M" is looking around. I found a couple of books that the Easter Bunny will be bringing and a book about the real meaning of Easter. Once again we're headed to the check-out and we're done! Despite the one and only breakdown in Sears, we did very well for a family trip to the mall...one that will last "M" up until Christmas lol

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Survey Says...

I saw this questionnaire today and thought I would post my findings...I asked "B", who is 3, the following questions and here are his answers....

1. What is something mom always says to you? No hitting

2. What makes mom happy? Scooter

3. What makes mom sad? sad stuff

4. How does your mom make you laugh? playing football

5. What was your mom like as a child? she could ride a scooter

6. How old is your mom? 1

7. How tall is your mom? big

8. What is her favorite thing to do? clean the sink

9. What does your mom do when you're not around? play toys

10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for? for being old

11. What is your mom really good at? grocery shopping

12. What is your mom not very good at? cartoons

13. What does your mom do for her job? working and picking stuff up for a party

14. What is your mom's favorite food? apples

15. What makes you proud of your mom? hugs

16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be? scooby doo

17. What do you and your mom do together? make lemonade

18. How are you and your mom the same? i am your boy

19. How are you and your mom different? mommy is a girl and "b" is a boy

20. How do you know your mom loves you? hugs and kisses

21. Where is your mom's favorite place to go? pittsburgh lol

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Fever

I got up around 6:30 this morning have gone full speed since. I've made breakfast, cleaned up the mess, finished 2 loads of laundry, cleaned the bathroom and am currently starting on the rest of the house...or trying to. I had to take a break to rant for a second because my little rugrats are about to do me in! As fast as I can get things picked up and move to another section to pick up, the littlest one is right behind me pulling out what I just picked up. He's a fast little booger!! "B" is circling around me riding his scooter so I'm trying not to get ran over or trip and fall over him. I have made the mistake of already pulling out the Easter eggs for them to play with. Neither one of them can tolerate the eggs put together...so they both sit and pull them apart, put them back in the bucket, stand up and dump them over their heads...sending parts all OVER the place. "M" just goes insane when he sees it and I think I'm almost with him. I however, can not stand them apart, so I sit and put them all together (just a vicious cycle!) "C" figured out how to unscrew his sippy cup (how, I have yet to figure that out) and dump half of his milk out all over the kitchen floor and then proceed to walk through it and splash in it. Awww to be a kid again!! I have spring fever really bad and I am ready to throw everything out! But, as I get ready to toss some things, I see a potential yard sale growing. So I start throwing it all in a box for another day to tag and sale...gotta make a buck where ya can! Well, now that I have that off of my chest, I'll get back to cleaning....

Monday, March 23, 2009


So I'm not the perfect mom that I strive to be...If shoes were not a requirement in places or due to the weather, I would be perfectly happy without any (for my kids that is...I LOVE shoes). "B" has outgrown his play shoes. He told me for two days that his feet hurt and his poor little pinky toes had blisters from where we were playing outside so much. So I took him to, where else...Wal-Mart (missed ya Sara). The mall is only 20 min away but Wal-Mart is about 2 so if they have it, I will buy it. We go back to the shoe dept and the shoes he currently has on are size 11. I have no idea what his old play shoes were because I forgot to look. We try a pair of 11's on and his toe is at the end of the shoe. I had always heard to leave a thumb length distance at the end for growth. Well, those were too small (or so I thought). So we try the 12's on and they have the right distance (or so I thought). "B" chooses the orange and black Starter shoes. We buy them and that's all the thought I gave to it. Yesterday evening "M" is putting his shoes on and is yelling, you bought this kid boats for shoes. These are way too big for him. I'm like stand him up and then feel. Nothing else was said. We're at the park today with a couple of friends and they notice his shoes. So I'm telling them the story and about how I suck at finding shoes for him because I never know if I'm really feeling his toes or not. So LateNightRantingsofAToddlerMom feels his foot and informs me that he has about a thumb or two lengths lol Oh well, at least we'll have play shoes from now until he's 5! Next time, A, you're coming shoe shopping with us!!

The Results Are In...

"C's" biopsy was benign!! We're so thankful and relieved. We can finally sleep without worrying about what's coming. Life can go on and we know that "C" is back to himself and healthy!! We have been blessed beyond belief and are truly thankful for all the prayers that were sent up! When the doctor's office called, it was the nurse and she asked if I could hold for Dr. Losee. Of course I said yes and then was put on hold in complete silence! I looked at Mark and told him Dr. Losee wanted to talk to us personally and they were getting him. The one minute I was on hold seemed like an eternity! The nurse finally came back on and kind of laughed and said we have good news. I just wanted to cry! She was apologizing for leaving us on hold so long as they were trying to get him out of a room to come to the phone. Once he was ready, he was so relieved to tell us the news. I think everyone kind of expected the worse because of his age and the size of the tumor they took out. He called it cranial fasciitis...which is scar tissue that some kids are born with or develop. It's rare but he said the chances of it coming back or growing somewhere else is very slim. So for right now and hopefully forever...we're out of the woods and plan on staying that way!! Praise GOD!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


"C" is finally getting back to himself! This morning is the first time I've seen that since he's been sick. He's been real fussy and clingy. He got up on his own this morning and actually wanted down to walk. He's been wanting me to carry him all over the house. He would get down and play for about 20 min tops, but other than that, he has wanted to sit on my lap or go wherever I've gone. After about two days of that, it was getting on my nerves. I couldn't get things done because I was always have to cart him around. Today he's playing with toys, walking all over the house, and engaging with "B" again. I am so thankful...I was really starting to get a little worried that maybe surgery had changed his personality. He has always been very independent and would just play on his own and for the last week he's been totally the opposite. The antibiotics must have really kicked in and starting to clear up his ear infection/cold. Yeah!! I'm so excited that I have my "C" back!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Running Around

We're taking "B" to a Lil' Pigskins Open House today. He's drove us nuts about playing football. I think he's too little and "C" will probably be the football player of the house, but "B" wants to try it out. Lil' Pigskins will teach him some of the basics of ball handling, running, and things like that. We'll see how that goes...

Not much else going on here. I took "C" back to the pediatrician for a follow-up and the antibiotic they originally put us on wasn't strong enough and "C" now has an ear infection....our first one ever! He told me to bump up his neb treatments and if his cough wasn't better by the middle of next week to bring him back. I'll be glad once Spring is finally here and all of the viruses kill off! It's supposed to be nice and warm here for the next week, so hopefully we can get the kids back outside and run some of the pent up energy off!

Friday, March 20, 2009


"M" and "B" were outside yesterday evening. I was inside cooking dinner with "C". All of a sudden, "B" comes running in with two yellow tulips. He's very excited and says, "Look mommy, I brought you some flowers." I said, "Thanks" and he went back outside. I didn't think much about it, I put them in a cup of water, and went on cooking. A few minutes later, he came back in with a huge handful of green stems and leaves. I finally ask where he's getting these and he says from the school. (we live beside of an elem school) I look outside and he has been playing in their flower garden (a different one from where he pooped the day before) and totally demolished their tulip plants that have just started to grow. I explained to him that he can't pull those up or play in them. He just looks up at me and says, "But mom, I just wanted to bring you some flowers." How sweet! I told him that was very nice of him and I really liked them, but he can't pull up someone else flowers. Now, if he'll only continue to give flowers when he's older...he'll have it made!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You just never know

what's going to happen here. I'm sitting on the couch trying to get "C" down for a nap and "M" and "B" are outside washing the cars...or so I think. All of a sudden, "B" comes in the house...minus underwear and his shorts. He proceeds to climb up on the couch beside me, bends over with his butt in my face and says, "Mom, wipe my butt please!" I just look at him upside down and ask where his clothes are. He very proudly told me that he pooped in his garden and ran over it. Number 1...we have no garden and Number 2...ran over it?? I get him wiped and lay "C" down. I go outside to find "B's" clothes and I see "M" coming with "B's" lawn mower in hand heading towards the water hose with what looks like mud on the tires. I said, "What are you guys doing out here?" "M" just looks at me and says "I'm going to rinse his tires off." I said, "Why, what's on them?" "M" looks at me and says "What do you think it is?" I reply back, "I think it looks like mud, but from what I've heard, "B" pooped in his garden and then apparently ran over it with his lawn mower." "M" just said, "Yep and proceeds to spray the tires off." End of conversation LOL

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Answered Prayers

So we're back from Pittsburgh and "C" is doing phenomenal! I am totally amazed at how well he's doing. Upon discharge, we were sent home with no head bandages and only a band aid where his drain tube was. I gave him a bath last night and washed his incision and then smeared neosporin all over it. Some places look like the stitches have already dissolved. His eye was swollen shut but that is all the way open now and the bruising is starting to fade. He has a faint yellowish bruise around the incision but other than that, is looking good! I am very thankful for all of the prayers we received! I know people all over were praying for us. We go back to Pa in a couple weeks for his post-op follow up. We're waiting to find out the biopsy results which we'll hopefully find out by the end of this week. The pathologist had no idea what was removed but the surgeon was able to remove the entire mass as it was self contained. So they're doing further testing on the mass to determine what it was. So, post surgery we're doing great! However, he has caught a cold or something. He's ran a fever on and off for the last two days and now has this nasty cough that the neb treatments aren't clearing. As soon as the dr's office opens this morning, I'll call and get an appt so we can get that taken care of. I've been up with him the last two nights and haven't stopped during the day....I'm starting to feel the lack of sleep. Thanks to those who have brought us dinner...you have no idea how much that means, especially since "C" is sick and won't let me do anything but sit and hold him.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I figured I wouldn't get a chance to blog before we left, but this is some what like therapy for me lol So "M" and I buzzed little "C's" hair tonight. I just can't imagine the thought of him going in for surgery and having his hair half shaved and the rest just left. I know that the nurses don't have time to give a proper hair cut before "C" has his surgery...they will only shave what they need to. Underneath all the hair that he had, it is actually really blonde...like white blonde. It's not as bad as I thought it would be, but for his first hair cut...it's a buzz cut. I can deal with this a lot better than I can knowing the "unknown" under his bandages. Not sure if I mentioned it before but he's getting cut from ear to ear through the hairline. So we're almost 100% packed. We have a couple bags in the car ready to go and will finish the rest in the morning. I'm off to bed to try and get some sleep. Hopefully more tonight because I'm sure tomorrow night will be less.

Lots to Do

So today I've already finished two loads of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom, and taken "C" for his 1 year check-up...no shots today, thank goodness, because of surgery. Which we'll have to go back for those once he's home and recovering. I still have a few more loads to do. I have a huge list of things to get done today/tonight so we'll be all ready to leave in the morning for Pittsburgh. We're on the downside now of this crazy race we've been running. I'll be so glad when the "mass" is gone and "C" will be all better. I want to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers and for those of you who have sent cards/gifts. We really appreciate it! I still have to break all of this down for "B" so he'll know what to expect when he sees "C" in the hospital. Later this afternoon, I'm gonna wrap the head of one of his animals to show what "C" will look like once he has the "bump" taken out. So, I'm off to get things done...I'll let you all know how things went once we're back...which will hopefully be late Friday or Saturday if all goes well!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Water Babies

Last night we went to my niece's 2nd Birthday party. It was at an indoor pool. The boys had an absolute blast. "M" got in with them...we put "B" in his swimmies and off he went..."C" was in a baby inflatable ring. "C" is a total fish! He was splashing, laughing, and trying to get whoever was holding him to let go so he could be on his own. "B" was jumping off the side of the pool and once he finally realized he could touch the bottom of the pool in the shallow end, he was walking all over the place. It was a great chance for "M" to spend some quality time with the boys before the next couple of crazy weeks start. I don't think "M" realizes how much it means to the kids when he takes the time to play with them. It was a great night! Happy 2nd Birthday Corinthia!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Growing up way too fast

Well, my baby (one of them) is officially signed up for preschool. I'm not sure that I'm ready for him to go, but he's very excited and loves his school! Everyone there is really nice and it comes equipped with cameras in every room so I can log on and see him at any time. So, starting in the fall, he'll be going Tuesday and Thursday from 12p-3pm. This all happens so fast...I can't believe he's old enough to start school. He'll be driving before I know it - ahhhhhhhh!

We also met a friend at the park yesterday so the boys could get out and run. We fed the ducks and played soccer. "B" has really improved with his dribbling since last year. I've noticed a huge difference. He's wanting to play again this summer....along with tee-ball and football. I guess he's gonna be my all-star player lol

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend as I'm off to get a birthday present for my niece's pool party tonight!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fishy Situation

OK...so I'm still a little disturbed about what just happened here. "M" and I walk into the living room to find "B" standing in front of our fish tank. (We just sat this tank up a couple days ago...we have/had 9 gold fish and 1 algae eater) The lid is up and the front of the tank is wet along with the bar where it's sitting. As I went to shut the lid, a horrendous fish smell smacked me in the face. As I'm looking at the tank, I see fish pieces laying on the bottom. I told "M" to come and look, that we have pieces. He's like what?? We then ask "B" what happened and he told us that he took the net, caught a fish, and chopped it up "so mommy, daddy, "c", and "b" could have fish for dinner. We're still not sure where the massacre took place. There are no pieces stuck to the net, on the bar, or in the floor. I am assuming that he maybe hit it up against the side of the tank for cornered it on the rocks and "chopped" it up that way??? As I'm standing there in complete aw, I'm thinking to myself that we have a little massacarist on our hands. I'm trying to figure out where he's seen someone chopping an animal or came up with the idea to do this. I often watch Food Network or Hell's Kitchen but Food Network doesn't chop up fish on tv (or what I've watched) and Hell's Kitchen comes on when he's in bed. He was very set on having this for dinner though. He was actually pretty proud of himself. We tried to explain that what he did was wrong. You can't chop up your pets. So, needless to say, we're getting rid of the tank until the boys are a little older.

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Happy 1st Birthday to "C"!! I can't believe my baby is one today. It seems like yesterday when I was bringing him home from the hospital. His first year has flown by!! He is such a happy baby...only cries when he wants food (which I swear he could eat all day if I let him) or when he's beyond sleepy. He's always smiling and loves to just sit and play (and tv, can't forget that he loves to watch tv!!) It's bittersweet for me...I'm happy to see him growing up but I know this will be my last baby. "M" is off today so we're taking the boys to the park then back home for a small celebration (he's already had his big party). So, Happy Birthday "C"...we love you!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Last night everyone was fast asleep and I was wide awake. I'm sure the reason is nerves...who wouldn't be nervous with what we're facing this week and next, right? So when those set in, I go into a cleaning/throwing out frenzy ( I like to call it nesting without being pregnant lol). Unfortunately it started at like 10 o'clock last night. So I had the entire living room picked up in about 10 min. I took all of the tags off of "C's" new clothes he received for his bday and gathered up all the shoes, bibs, and socks lying around. I started some on the kitchen but didn't want to bang around too much...I've always been taught to let sleeping dogs lie! I finally get to bed around midnight. We're up bright and early around here so within about 1 hour of the kids being up, the living room is a total disaster! I once read somewhere that "Cleaning while you have kids is like Shoveling Snow while it's Snowing"...isn't that the truth!!!! (I found that saying by the way) I bust my butt around here all to have the kids walking right behind me dragging everything back out.

All of the lower kitchen cabinets have child locks on them..."C" I think has already learned a huge pet peeve of mine (a drawer or cabinet cracked open) so he goes behind me in the kitchen pulling open the doors as far as he can get them before the latch catches. I go behind him closing them until I realize that he just keeps circling me. So I walk off and when he finds something else to do, I go back in and shut them all...again!

I'm very anal about laundry also...especially when I'm in this frenzy. I took "C" last night to get some pics taken and I had washed a load of laundry before I left. When I got home "M" told me he put them in the dryer. I was thinking oh no but just said thanks. I asked him if he made sure there wasn't anything in there that needed to air dry. He's like nah...of course he's not gonna hang something up on a hanger and when I get to the bedroom, there's a mound of towels that he took out of the dryer and just threw on the bed. Why am I telling you all of this?? Because when I took the clothes out of the dryer this morning to fold them, I find clothes that should have been air dried!! I now have a pair of jeans that are too short to wear (can we say high water??) and too long to be capri's or cropped pants. So I have to call him just to let him know and he's riding around with his best friend. Of course they're making fun of me because according to men, when clothes are wet, you put them in the dryer to dry them....easy enough! Women make things so complicated they say lol The only thing I ask of "M" ever, is to never do laundry!! I will gladly stay up all hours of the night or do whatever it takes as long as he doesn't touch the washer and dryer lol Yes I'm laughing now but on the inside I'm crying because my favorite jeans are now high water ones! I hope you guys have a great day!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting back to normal...well, normal pre-surgery

Today is the first morning "B" has woke up with little to no fever. I checked it while he was still in bed and it was 98.4. After about an hour of him up and moving, it was up to 99.9. I gave him another shot of motrin and he was off and playing. This is also the first day since Friday that he has gotten up off the couch. I'm glad he's feeling better! "C" had a blast last night at his party. He loved the icing and had it smeared all over his face. He scored lots of pj's and other cool gifts. I'm taking this morning to get my kitchen back together and the rest of the house picked up and gifts put away. I have to run some errands this afternoon. I'm hoping since "B" is feeling much better, he'll be back in his own bed tonight and will sleep all night! Maybe when he's 15 I'll get a full night of peaceful sleep...even then I doubt it! Happy Monday

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Party Time

Today we are having "C's" very first birthday party (he actually turns 1 on the 5th). I have worked and worked on his cakes. I get excited when it's time to do it, but when the time is here and I'm on my fifth hour of working on it...I really start questioning why in the world I decided to make/decorate it. We're doing a Sesame Street theme so I added Big Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster to his big cake. For his personal cake to make one big mess out of, I just added Cookie. I'm really hoping he'll demolish his cake and make one big mess. I just love watching babies play and smear cake everywhere lol (Can you tell I haven't had to clean that mess up yet??) When "B" turned 1, he was sick the day of his party and didn't even fool with his cake. A couple days later he felt better so I at least have pics of him with it in front of him...he didn't seem interested in making a mess of it. I am very thankful that we are able to have his party today and share it with the people who care most about him! I just can't believe my baby is turning 1!! Where has the year gone???