Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trip to the Mall

"M" was off today and like any other day he has off, we spend the first couple of hours trying to decide what to do. It has poured the rain all day!! We decided to take the kids to the mall and get pics with the Easter Bunny and try to find their Easter outfits. "M" wanted to try and find some running shorts too. We arrive at the mall (and it's still pouring the rain) and get everything and everyone all situated. We head for the bunny first to see how bad the line is and when their breaks are. We're in line and he was just sitting there waiting for screaming kids! Mine however, did excellent! Both were smiling and the pics turned out awesome. I think to myself...good 1 down, 3 to go. Next we stopped at Gymboree and found nothing for the kids. We finally went to Sears and I found matching (gag, I know...but I wanted them to be dressed alike but in different colors) outfits. "B" will be wearing black dress pants with a blue dress shirt and a grey/black stripped vest with a blue and pink tie (very cute!!). "C" has the exact same set up only his dress shirt is green and the tie is green and black stripped. However, we didn't make it out of there without a complete meltdown. (Since "C's" surgery, he's been very clingy to me...I can not leave his sight without a total scream fest!) In the middle of trying to find his pant size, he refused to stay in the stroller and would only be held by me. I'm trying to get his jeans off to try on his dress pants while "M" is trying to help me. "B" is running around looking at all of the clothes. He yells out at the top of his lungs, "Mommy, I found Diego underwear. I can wear these tonight!" In the stroller they go, along with a DVD that he found just minutes before and a Mickey Mouse outfit that he tore apart, tags and all. I'm starting to sweat by now because it's literally 80+ degrees in Sears and we're on the top floor. There is another couple shopping kid free a couple rows over. I can clearly see him giving us dirty looks as she is smirking. I think to myself, at this point it will only take me about 2 seconds to knock that smirk clear off her face and I'm pretty sure I could take him too! I'm sure I was probably the same way before I had kids but now that I have them, I realize that everyone goes through this and if we can limit the items getting tossed in the cart or stroller and the yelling is kept to a minimal, then we're doing great! "B" finally announces (very loudly) that he "has to pee". "M" and "B" go off to the bathrooms and I take a minute and get regrouped and the stroller reorganized. "C" is back in the stroller with cheese puffs and juice (that I spilled out in the floor along with every other item out of the diaper bag) only wearing socks and his onesie. (Can't you just see this now? Go ahead and laugh, I am now lol) I think half of the screaming battle was the heat! I get his outfit put back together on the hanger and proceed to the check-out...2 down...1 to go. We're off to Dick's to find some running luck - strike 3! We stop at American Cookie to get the boys their free cookie for visiting the bunny. Everyone is still remaining calm...especially "M" which is great! We make one last stop at Border's Book Store. I take the kids to the back and read books while "M" is looking around. I found a couple of books that the Easter Bunny will be bringing and a book about the real meaning of Easter. Once again we're headed to the check-out and we're done! Despite the one and only breakdown in Sears, we did very well for a family trip to the that will last "M" up until Christmas lol

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  1. Sounds like the kind of outing my family has...only, mine SCREAM at the Easter Bunny! How do you get yours to pose for pics with the furry creature? My hubby plays both the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus every year at our adoption support group holiday parties, our 4-year-old has finally figured out that it dear old dad all suited up, and he STILL screams at sitting on his lap. I guess our lessons about never going with strangers is paying off better than I thought, LOL!