Monday, March 23, 2009

The Results Are In...

"C's" biopsy was benign!! We're so thankful and relieved. We can finally sleep without worrying about what's coming. Life can go on and we know that "C" is back to himself and healthy!! We have been blessed beyond belief and are truly thankful for all the prayers that were sent up! When the doctor's office called, it was the nurse and she asked if I could hold for Dr. Losee. Of course I said yes and then was put on hold in complete silence! I looked at Mark and told him Dr. Losee wanted to talk to us personally and they were getting him. The one minute I was on hold seemed like an eternity! The nurse finally came back on and kind of laughed and said we have good news. I just wanted to cry! She was apologizing for leaving us on hold so long as they were trying to get him out of a room to come to the phone. Once he was ready, he was so relieved to tell us the news. I think everyone kind of expected the worse because of his age and the size of the tumor they took out. He called it cranial fasciitis...which is scar tissue that some kids are born with or develop. It's rare but he said the chances of it coming back or growing somewhere else is very slim. So for right now and hopefully forever...we're out of the woods and plan on staying that way!! Praise GOD!!

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  1. Wonderful news...the first blog news I read today and I couldn't ask for any better news to start my week! Congrats!