Sunday, March 22, 2009


"C" is finally getting back to himself! This morning is the first time I've seen that since he's been sick. He's been real fussy and clingy. He got up on his own this morning and actually wanted down to walk. He's been wanting me to carry him all over the house. He would get down and play for about 20 min tops, but other than that, he has wanted to sit on my lap or go wherever I've gone. After about two days of that, it was getting on my nerves. I couldn't get things done because I was always have to cart him around. Today he's playing with toys, walking all over the house, and engaging with "B" again. I am so thankful...I was really starting to get a little worried that maybe surgery had changed his personality. He has always been very independent and would just play on his own and for the last week he's been totally the opposite. The antibiotics must have really kicked in and starting to clear up his ear infection/cold. Yeah!! I'm so excited that I have my "C" back!!

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