Saturday, March 21, 2009

Running Around

We're taking "B" to a Lil' Pigskins Open House today. He's drove us nuts about playing football. I think he's too little and "C" will probably be the football player of the house, but "B" wants to try it out. Lil' Pigskins will teach him some of the basics of ball handling, running, and things like that. We'll see how that goes...

Not much else going on here. I took "C" back to the pediatrician for a follow-up and the antibiotic they originally put us on wasn't strong enough and "C" now has an ear infection....our first one ever! He told me to bump up his neb treatments and if his cough wasn't better by the middle of next week to bring him back. I'll be glad once Spring is finally here and all of the viruses kill off! It's supposed to be nice and warm here for the next week, so hopefully we can get the kids back outside and run some of the pent up energy off!

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