Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Answered Prayers

So we're back from Pittsburgh and "C" is doing phenomenal! I am totally amazed at how well he's doing. Upon discharge, we were sent home with no head bandages and only a band aid where his drain tube was. I gave him a bath last night and washed his incision and then smeared neosporin all over it. Some places look like the stitches have already dissolved. His eye was swollen shut but that is all the way open now and the bruising is starting to fade. He has a faint yellowish bruise around the incision but other than that, is looking good! I am very thankful for all of the prayers we received! I know people all over were praying for us. We go back to Pa in a couple weeks for his post-op follow up. We're waiting to find out the biopsy results which we'll hopefully find out by the end of this week. The pathologist had no idea what was removed but the surgeon was able to remove the entire mass as it was self contained. So they're doing further testing on the mass to determine what it was. So, post surgery we're doing great! However, he has caught a cold or something. He's ran a fever on and off for the last two days and now has this nasty cough that the neb treatments aren't clearing. As soon as the dr's office opens this morning, I'll call and get an appt so we can get that taken care of. I've been up with him the last two nights and haven't stopped during the day....I'm starting to feel the lack of sleep. Thanks to those who have brought us dinner...you have no idea how much that means, especially since "C" is sick and won't let me do anything but sit and hold him.

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