Monday, March 23, 2009


So I'm not the perfect mom that I strive to be...If shoes were not a requirement in places or due to the weather, I would be perfectly happy without any (for my kids that is...I LOVE shoes). "B" has outgrown his play shoes. He told me for two days that his feet hurt and his poor little pinky toes had blisters from where we were playing outside so much. So I took him to, where else...Wal-Mart (missed ya Sara). The mall is only 20 min away but Wal-Mart is about 2 so if they have it, I will buy it. We go back to the shoe dept and the shoes he currently has on are size 11. I have no idea what his old play shoes were because I forgot to look. We try a pair of 11's on and his toe is at the end of the shoe. I had always heard to leave a thumb length distance at the end for growth. Well, those were too small (or so I thought). So we try the 12's on and they have the right distance (or so I thought). "B" chooses the orange and black Starter shoes. We buy them and that's all the thought I gave to it. Yesterday evening "M" is putting his shoes on and is yelling, you bought this kid boats for shoes. These are way too big for him. I'm like stand him up and then feel. Nothing else was said. We're at the park today with a couple of friends and they notice his shoes. So I'm telling them the story and about how I suck at finding shoes for him because I never know if I'm really feeling his toes or not. So LateNightRantingsofAToddlerMom feels his foot and informs me that he has about a thumb or two lengths lol Oh well, at least we'll have play shoes from now until he's 5! Next time, A, you're coming shoe shopping with us!!

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  1. we have the same problem shoe shopping! don't feel bad......

    hey!? Why do we keep missing out on park days! Poor gavin got there yesterday and cried. . . he wanted to know "where are gavin's friends?" lol.....