Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jabber Jaws

I haven't realized until this morning that "B" talks non-stop. I heard/felt him climb into our bed this morning around 6:30. I thought for sure given the time, he'd just go back to sleep. Boy was I wrong! He started talking about how big he was getting and how much bigger he was than "C". Then he went into talking all about the beach and we couldn't get in because there are "great big sharks" in there. After that I'm not even sure what he said...all I know is this went on until 7:30. "C" finally woke up and wanted to play. I'm still not sure why "B" was up so early but I know he has not stopped talking all morning. I'm not sure why I haven't noticed this before....when they're babies all we want is for them to talk and now all we want is for them to shut up! lol "M" is off today so we'll see what kind of exciting adventure we'll get into today...maybe another mall trip haha - don't think so!

1 comment:

  1. very cute...good job on the blinkies...I haven't figured out how to make them yet...I might have to play with that soon-LOL!