Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting back to normal...well, normal pre-surgery

Today is the first morning "B" has woke up with little to no fever. I checked it while he was still in bed and it was 98.4. After about an hour of him up and moving, it was up to 99.9. I gave him another shot of motrin and he was off and playing. This is also the first day since Friday that he has gotten up off the couch. I'm glad he's feeling better! "C" had a blast last night at his party. He loved the icing and had it smeared all over his face. He scored lots of pj's and other cool gifts. I'm taking this morning to get my kitchen back together and the rest of the house picked up and gifts put away. I have to run some errands this afternoon. I'm hoping since "B" is feeling much better, he'll be back in his own bed tonight and will sleep all night! Maybe when he's 15 I'll get a full night of peaceful sleep...even then I doubt it! Happy Monday

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  1. Nope when they're fifteen it'll be worse. Do you remember when you were fifteen! We'll lose what little minds we have left, worrying about what they're into!!!! At least now we know what's going on.-LOL!