Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Results of the Joke...

Well, I get an A+ for effort...I had my joke all laid out. I called the secretary at "M's" work to have her pass along a note that read "Please call Myra Maines at 555-555-5555 in reference to a complaint" for the Chief. The phone number given was to a funeral home...get it?? She took the note to the "target" and he made the call....only he just asked for Myra instead of the whole name. So the guy who answered the phone at the funeral home just told him there was no one there by the name of Myra. Dang it!! It took him all day to figure out who did it and I heard the secretary finally ratted me out. It was good while it lasted! Oh well, you can be sure I'll try again next year!!

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