Friday, April 17, 2009

All at Once

I can't remember if I mentioned that I have 4 kids this week. I'm watching a couple extra for some friends. It's really fun because their youngest is 2 months older than "C" so it's been fun to watch them interact. Their oldest is in 2nd grade and "B's" girlfriend, as he likes to call her. They just hang out in his room...which I can't believe he's 3 and already has a girl in his room with the door shut! He better enjoy it now because in a few years...that won't happen until he's 30! I've always heard that when kids are together, they get on a schedule and do a lot of things at the same time...for instance, (can you guess where I'm going with this?? what do we love most at our house??) both babies took a dump bigger than Russia. I swear to you they had to have pooped simultaneously. As I'm getting the last one changed, I hear "B" yelling, "Mom, wipe my butt!" I'm thinking, are you kidding me? I head that way and there both of the bigger kids are pooping together in the bathroom lol So by 9am today, everyone in the house had taken a dump! What a great way to start the morning!! Guess everyone will be ready for lunch in about 5 minutes...


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  2. Tee hee! That's a LOT of poop! My son had two(!) megadumps today. I guess it is better than back when he was pooping rocks... For him at least!

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