Sunday, April 26, 2009

Catching Up

Not really anything exciting has gone on this weekend. I've been catching up on cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and landscaping. We went to Home Depot this morning and I bought some flowers, which "M" hates! He thinks flowers are a total waste of money. As we're walking around, I'm trying to find the black sheets of stuff that you put down to prevent weeds from growing. He looks at me and says we have a roll of that at home. I tell him no but to save argument and major meltdowns (it was getting close to lunch time for the kids) we went on. I came home and starting getting the flower beds ready. I pull up the old weed blocker, old mulch and all. I go to get the roll of stuff and GUESS WHAT?? We don't have any!! He's at work so of course I call him up to inform him that I was right and we have none. Which he would have no idea about anyway because I'm the one who uses it and I used it all last year. He just says "Oh, I thought we had some." NOPE, we don't! I was half tempted to put the kids in the car and head back to Home Depot so I could get a good start on the beds, but decided to cut the grass and finish fixing up the rest of the yard. So my beds are neatly empty and waiting. As I'm putting the lawnmower and everything else back up, I see this HUGE worm crawling in the dirt. I mean this sucker is probably about 8 inches long. "B" is just now getting into bugs (he's been scared of everything up until now). I tried picking it up to show him but I'm terrified of snakes and this reminded me of a baby one and I couldn't handle the slippery thing. To my amazement, "B" reached down and picked it up. I grabbed the camera and he was all about it. He let that thing crawl all over his hand and up his arm. He finally flipped it out in the road and we came in to start baths. I would have totally posted a pic of this thing, but I can not find my camera cord anywhere to upload pics (i have about 200 waiting to be uploaded). "M" usually stops by before bedtime to tell the kids goodnight...first thing out of "B's" mouth is about this worm. I get the camera and show him. I'm talking about how big this thing is and he looks at me and informs me that it is a night I'm supposed to know what in the heck that is! I've heard of them...isn't that what guys fish with? "M's" not much of a fisherman so I have no idea. Anyway, "B" repeats it back to me like I'm some idiot lol All I know is, it was huge and slimy! If I can ever find that cord (i've been looking for it for a couple weeks now) I'll post a pic of this ugly thing and you can see for yourself how nasty it is. The rest of the evening has been spent folding and putting away laundry. I have two more days of babysitting and I'm free again lol Don't forget to check back tomorrow...I'll have another recipe posted!!


  1. Stopping by from MBC to say hi. Your blog is so cute. I just had to leave a comment because I figure anyone who quotes Gene Simmons is bound to be my new BFF! ;-)

  2. Hi Christina...thanks for stopping by! I love Gene Simmons. We watch his show when it's on religiously! lol

  3. Hi CHristina,
    My to-do list just keeps piling up, too.
    I'll be folding my laundry tonite while watching 24.
    (PS - I'm from the MBC)

  4. My whole life is catching up so I feel your pain! Stopping by from MBC and since we are SiTSAs wussup?!!?

  5. Hi there.
    I'm following you from the MBC Under 100 Club. I look forward to reading more!
    Have a great day:)

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