Monday, April 27, 2009

Hotel Lady

I have to tell you guys this story...(Let me preface this in letting you know that I'm having trouble with "B" staying with us when we go somewhere. There are times when he sees something and takes off to look at it. So if he's walking then we have to keep an extra close eye on him. I refuse to use the kid leash thing!! It's a great idea but I just can't bring myself to do it...he's not a dog.) When we were in Pittsburgh for "C's" surgery, my mom was standing in the hotel lobby with "B". He kept running around her looking at stuff and she kept trying to get him to come back to her. A lady we did not know came right up to him and called him by name. She took him by the hand and told him that he had to come with her. That she was a "Stranger Danger" and that he didn't know her and since he wasn't listening to his mother (it was actually his grandmother but she didn't know) that he had to go with her. It scared him because she had him by his wrist and was leading him a few feet away from my mom. The "Hotel Lady", as we call her, explained to him that he needed to stay close to his mom so that no one could get him. He listened to every word that she said. She let him go and he went back with my mom and never left her side. LOL I was taken back a little when I heard this story, but was glad she did it. "B" never meets a stranger and talks to everyone. It was cute when he was a year or so younger, but now he's getting to the age that he needs to stop that. ("M" is a cop, which is why I don't post many real pics of my kids and because of what he does, he obviously sees the bad stuff) So we're trying hard to make sure "B" understands that he just can't walk off. Since the weather has gotten much warmer, he's wanting to be outside all the time. "M" had to put a lock at the very top of our door because he knows how to work the dead bolt and door knob, even with the safety knob on. But, when I forget to put the chain on, he goes right out to play. I'm trying to stop that also. Twice this week, he's slipped outside without me knowing it and I find him riding around on his trike. He's pretty much safe where we live, but there's still that chance that he could be taken. (You just never know with people these days) So tonight he went out the door and I didn't know it. I've threatened him a couple times that I was going to call the "hotel lady" and he comes running. He remembers that and it still scares him. So, I went to the door with the phone in my hand and I was pretending to talk to her. I told her what he was wearing and he heard me say that and knew immediately without me having to tell him who I was talking to. He came running and crying that he didn't want her to come. So I let him think she was coming for a few minutes to let it really sink in that I was serious and he couldn't go outside without mommy or daddy. (I'm sure you're thinking...mean mommy! lol) I once again was explaining to him why he can't go out by himself and he heard a car door shut. ("M" stopped by to see the kids for a second before they got ready for bed.) It could not have been a more perfect timing! "B" really thought the lady was here. So when "M" and his partner came in, "B" was crying. So I told "M" what happened. He just looks at me like I'm nuts, but it is finally starting to sink in with "B". So I explained this whole story to his partner and he thought it was very smart of me lol Traumatizing maybe lol but smart!


  1. I've resorted to similar tactics to make sure that my son would always make sure not to run off.
    No, you're not nuts. If what you did is considered nutty, then I might be, too! :)

  2. It IS very smart! If he's riding a trike then he's just a little guy and needs your extra wonderful Mommy protection. I'm from the FMC and am following you now:)

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  4. You gotta do what you gotta do to get the message accross. I am sure you will be talking about the hotel lady for the rest of his life!

    Thanks for the Zombie Chicken! I luuurve it!

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