Monday, April 6, 2009


My hair is blonde but only because of a box...although sometimes the stuff I do, I really wonder if it should truly be blonde. Tonight I gave "C" his allergy medicine...or what I thought was his allergy meds. As I sat down right after I gave it to him, the name of the generic kept running through my head. For some reason I thought that doesn't sound right. I got back up and checked and sure enough what I gave him was generic Zantac that he took a few months ago. I thought I was giving him his Zyrtec...oops!! So last night and tonight he was heartburn free...not that he has it but I guess I was preventing it lol I can laugh now but I fixed the whole thing and we're back on track. Not sure how that mix up really happened. I guess either "M" or I was in the med cabinet and laid some out to get something else and swapped the bottles by mistake. Other than that, not much of anything else going on here. I took the boys to their playgroup Easter Party today. They had a great time...sugar and hunting Easter eggs...what more could a kid ask for! Both are in bed fast asleep...I'm trying to swap out winter for spring/summer clothes, although I'm really wondering if I should do that yet seeing as it was 80 degrees yesterday and 40 some today and a chance of snow tonight...gotta love WV weather...or spring..not sure which!

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