Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I've told you guys before how much we enjoy poop at our house...well, lil' "C" is joining right in. "M" put "C" in the shower with him this morning and after they were done, brought him to me while I was cleaning out the kids closet. He wanted down so "M" let him run wild. I heard a small grunt and before I could get turned around, "C was already standing beside me. I didn't think much about it. I got up a few minutes later and turned around to find a light brown log laying on the floor. Nice!!!! The small grunt I heard was "C" dropping one for me on the carpet. I immediately go to find him to make sure there's no poop hanging from him or smeared across his butt while he's climbing on furniture or scooting across any other carpet. Sure enough, he had to be cleaned off...thank goodness he didn't smear it anywhere else! I go back to pick up the log that he graciously left for me and clean his "spot".

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  1. With the Spring weather the last few weeks, mine have now taken to pooping in the yard while they're outside playing. Still kinda gross, but better than the carpet inside. Fertilizer...that's what we'll call it!