Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I'm babysitting for the next few days for a friend and I totally forgot about it being Wednesday yesterday. I know you guys are just sitting there waiting to see what kind of crazy and disgusting Would You Rather question I give...don't worry...I'll post it up after while. The kids are due any minute so once things get settled, I'll getcha a good one!

Oh yeah, I nixed the whole diet thing and am popping pills lol Just an aid to speed up the process a little. I know, I know...those are bad for you, but it's only short term and I need the boost. I am doing a 1200 calorie diet though and exercising so it's all good. The good out ways the bad! (that's my theory anyway and I'm sticking to it) So I'm anxious to see the results by beach time!!

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