Saturday, April 4, 2009

Egg Huntin'

I took "B" to an "Easter Bunny Hunt" as he calls it....which is really an egg hunt. He went to one last year but was a little too young. This year he knew what he had to do...especially when he found out there was candy inside. His only problem...he wants to stop and open every egg to see what's inside. I tried explaining that he picks up however many eggs he wants and open them afterwards. He finally started catching on really started racking them up. Although he didn't get a lucky egg, he still had a blast! We have one more tomorrow at my mom's work. I'll be taking "C" with us as they have a section for him.

My uncle is in from TN so we went to visit him and spent all afternoon at my maw-maw's. The kids are pretty tired and so am I. Not much else went on and I'm heading to put them in the tub! Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your evening!

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