Thursday, April 2, 2009


"B" was outside playing today. I noticed as he flew by me on his Diego Trike that his big toe was all tore up and bleeding. I should have kept my big mouth shut, but I had to ask what happen. He instantly started crying and told me some story about he scratched it on the front porch. I'm sitting there listening has his cries intensify thinking, that's so not how that happened and had I not said anything, he wouldn't have even noticed it. I told him I was gonna clean it up and he fought me...literally pulling on me and trying to keep me from going back in the house. We finally agreed to just put shoes (remember the size 12 play shoes lol...if not, read a few posts back) and socks on. Everything is great until bath time. I put him in the tub and this blood curdling scream comes out of his tiny body...we had both forgotten about his toe. Tears start to pour and he's hopping on one foot. I'm trying to get him to sit down before he falls. He sits but has his leg propped up so the water can't hit it. I finally convince him to just suck it up and submerge it in the water for a second and the burning will stop. I'm practically holding his foot in the water lol (i'm so mean) It stops burning and he enjoys the rest of his bath. When I get him out, I can see there's dirt still in the scratch. I put him on the sink kicking and screaming so I can get the peroxide out. I'm explaining to him that it will turn white on his boo-boo and be really cold. I don't remember this stuff burning when I was a kid but evidently it does...I poured some on his toe and the blood curdling screams came back. I start blowing on his toe to stop the burning as I'm pouring more on there. We get it cleaned out and now it's time for neosporin and a band-aid. Of course I can't find the cute little kid band-aids so he has to settle for a plain one. He once again starts screaming and pleading with me to stop. I finally get the band-aid on and put him in the floor. Poor thing is not able to walk. He starts hopping on one foot telling me that he has to go sit down because his toe hurts "weally bad". After a few minutes, he gives me a hug and kiss and says the hurting is gone! He can finally walk again!!!

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  1. Welcome to MBC!! I am your newest follower! I like you... you are my kind of funny. :)