Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sick Kids

I hate it when one of my kids are sick..."B" has been snottin' around for about a week. Thursday we were less snotty so I thought we were kickin' the whole thing. Boy was I wrong! Thursday evening he started coughing and through the night spiked a fever. When he woke up Friday morning, he just laid around saying, "I don't feel good." Anyone who knows "B", knows that he doesn't lay around. He is always active and always on the go. So I called the doctor and we went in. We were told he has a sinus infection, given antibiotics and was told to take Motrin/Tylenol for his fever. He laid around all day yesterday sleeping on and off. Between the calls for crushed ice and scratch my leg, I didn't get much done. I did throw a chicken in the oven to bake and did get "C's" birthday cake in to bake. We are supposed to go to a bday party today but will not be making that. Last night "B's" fever hit 104 so at 1:30 this morning, he was soaking in a tub of cool water and taking a hit of motrin. We were all back in bed by 2:30 and his fever reduced to 101. I guess he was fine after that because I passed right out. "M's" alarm went off sometime around 6 which I didn't even hear and next thing I know, he and "B" were getting out of the shower and it was 6:43am. "B's" fever was back up to 102 so I gave him a hit of Tylenol. The only thing he will eat is dry Honey Nut Cheerios...good thing I bought 3 boxes while I was at Kroger's a couple days ago. We've already went through one box! Tomorrow is "C's" First Bday party...the way things are going now, "B" and daddy will miss the party. The doctor told us yesterday by about 48 hours he should be back to normal...unless something drastically changes today, I don't see that happening. Well, I'm off to try and get my kitchen cleaned up and some laundry done. I gotta try and get the cake iced and decorated!

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