Thursday, February 19, 2009

Heading Down Hill Fast

So today is my 30th Birthday....I've officially kissed my 20's goodbye and am starting a new decade. That's something really nice to think about...I've lived 3 decades and working on another one...nice!! I've found wrinkles and thanks to my boys...about 3 whiskers that randomly grow out of my chin. I used to pluck those in secret, but "M" caught me once and now he just laughs really loud and makes fun of me...usually saying..."I have a razor you can borrow to shave your beard" haha very freakin' funny!! He is then reminded that he is quickly kissing 40 and the receding hairline will soon start!! This morning has already been a great one...the last two nights have been restless as "B" keeps waking up and getting in our bed and then every hour requesting that "M" scratch his back or he needs a drink of water. Last night he finally slept all night in his bed and "C" decided to take his turn. He woke up around 1 screaming. So I got up made a bottle and that seemed to send him back to sleep...thank goodness!! I am hoping for a full night of sleep tonight, but both kids seem to be snotty and VERY I'm sure that won't happen. Maybe I will make that my bday wish...wait, there are no candles to blow out! Well, I hope each of you enjoy your day...I'm off to medicate a couple of kids!!

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  1. Happy Birthday and don't keep you least that's what I keep telling myself!