Monday, February 16, 2009


So I just have to share one of our morning conversations with everyone that we had yesterday...Sometimes I just have to sit back and wonder where in the world my 3 year old comes up with stuff. He is very smart and can put things together rather easily. Yesterday, "M" was getting ready to walk out the door to go to work. "B" was whining and telling him not to go. So "B" gives him one last kiss and then says, "I don't like mommy...put her in the dump truck and take her to the landfill". I'm like what?...hello, I'm standing right here!! "M" says "Why do you want to take her to the landfill?" "B" says, "so you can stay home". Well, how do you like that?? Take me to the landfill so daddy can stay home. Guess that's a clue that he's tired of being stuck home with mommy all day and wants some daddy time. At first it kind of hurt my feelings but then I just blow it off because he's told "M" on countless occasions that he doesn't like him (usually when he's in trouble) and I guess it's my turn to hear it now. I have to admit that it does sting a little when you hear your kid say "I don't like you." I am expecting to hear it when he's like 14 or 15 and screams "I hate you" then storms off to his room and slams the door ( I can clearly remember saying it to my parents lol), but I never thought at the age of 3 I would have to hear it. Once "M" left, I explained to him that those were not nice words and we shouldn't say them...we'll see if it comes up again. As for now, I'm just trying to stay out of the landfill!!


  1. Don't feel bad...we're not liked at our house either...LOL!

  2. Hi, new follower here. I'm pink, too, in a house of three boys, their dad, and even three male cats! I feel your pain, and your joy! And dump truck rule at my house, too!