Sunday, February 22, 2009

One on One Time

Yesterday "B" and I went to see Disney on Ice...Mickey and Friends. He had seen 2 or 3 commercials on tv for it so I decided to take him at the last minute. "M" was working so it would be great chance for me to get to spend just one on one time with "B". We each took a friend with us so off we went with no ticket in hand. The show started at 11 and we arrived at the Civic Center around 10. We were able to walk right up to the ticket window and surprisingly enough, get some pretty awesome seats that were way cheaper than I was expecting. We had to stop and look over every toy being sold and of course all of the food. "B" decided on a Flounder hat that came with a bag of popcorn. We found our seats and first thing, "B" was all about digging in to the popcorn (he actually at his popcorn out of his hat). The lights finally dimmed and the show started. He was so excited to see Mickey. For the whole first half, he sat very still...eyes glued to the stage. Intermission soon came and the potty was calling. Once that was over with, we refilled his hat with popcorn and were ready for the second half. The second half was "B's" favorite....Tinkerbell!! He loves Tinkerbell. The only reason he knows who she is, is because we bought his cousin the new Tinkerbell movie for her birthday and he remembered that. So once she came out, he was hooked again. Of course Peter Pants (as he calls him) was there with her. The end of the show went out with a bang...literally...with a couple fireworks. "B" loved it!! We had a great time together!


  1. We had so much fun!!!! Thanks for inviting us!

  2. We went too...It was a blast. "G" had a great time and loved it. He thought "hook" was scarey but was glad the "crocodile ate the pirate" lol...........I think his fav was all the sea creatures and the monkies during lion king........