Monday, February 23, 2009

10 Min Please...

I have a lot to do today so I thought I would check my email this morning before I get started. Little did I know that the 10 min process would take me over an hour. I sit down, log on and "B" has to biggie there. So I get up, go finish him up, come back. I am almost done reading one email when "C" sneezes...up again to wipe snot off of his face. I sit back down..."B" is ready to take his medicine...back up...that's done. For taking his meds we usually give him a couple of chocolate chips. He can't have that until he finishes his breakfast. I get sat back down to read another email and here he comes with his bowl of eggs for me to help him get the rest in the spoon. That's, back to reading. He then realizes that he's finished his eggs so he can have his choc chips now...back up to get those. I sit back down to read and I start smelling something pretty rank. "C" has now pooped. Up I go again to change him...Maybe at one point this morning I will get through all of my emails...snot, poop, repeat!

1 comment:

  1. Yup, that's the same thing going on at my house! Snot makes me gag, so hubby takes care of the noses, and I'm in charge of butts!