Friday, February 6, 2009

Bad Mommy

To keep my sanity...I have to get back to the lighter side of things for a little while. I took "B" for his 3-yr check up yesterday. I was explaining to him before we left what all would happen. He specifically asked me if he had to get any shots. I told him no. So we're at his appt and the doctor has checked him out and looks at his records and proceeds to tell me that he not only needs 1 shot, but he needs 2 of them. I thought...oh no! "B" hadn't picked up on any of this and was bugging me for a piece of gum. The doctor left and I had to tell "B" that he was getting 2 shots. He looked at me and said "NO mommy! They hurt." I told him that he has to have them to make him big and strong and that if he wanted to go to school he had to get them. He gets this brave face on and pulls his legs out. About that time, the nurse walks in and he screams NOOO. I said it's ok she has to do it. The nurse brought reinforcement to help hold because "B" is VERY strong. He is screaming bloody murder. I'm bribing him with gum and donuts...anything to get him to lie down and hold somewhat still. The shots are given and she puts the band-aids's all over with. "B" is still crying huge crocodile tears and saying "It's still whurtin me." The whole way out of the office he's crying very loudly and I am having to carry him because he's not able to hurts too bad. (Luckily he hit his head before we even left for the dr so he had a dose of motrin in him...well, not lucky he hit his head but you know what i mean) I had to stop by Tim Horton's and get him a couple of Timbits because he's not able to walk and soothe over being a bad mommy and lying to my kid. He will probably never trust me again when it comes to going to the dr lol I had to run by Kroger's afterwards and pick up a few things and poor "B" is still not able to walk. It wasn't until we went to pick up "C" from my grandma's. He jumps out of the car and is so excited...he starts screaming "Mommy, I can walk...I can walk!" The pain had finally went away and it was all just a memory...until daddy comes home and we had to relive it all over again.


  1. Thats so funny! My son usually is over it by the time we go get a sticker...if not their is always a little miracle I like to call cures EVERYTHING!-LOL!

  2. Bad Mommy!!LOL I am glad to hear that he is able to walk now!!