Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Goes In Must Come Out...

So today we've pretty much just been hanging around the house. We were out this morning running errands for about an hour but since then, we've been cooped up in the house. I was in the kitchen washing bottles (my least favorite thing to do) and "B" comes running in the kitchen trying to cry. I asked him what's wrong and he starts trying to choke. He's saying "I have to puke up". I look over where he was playing in the floor and I see pennies. So I asked if he swallowed one. He shakes his head yes. I try to get him calmed down thinking to myself "Holy Crap!! Do I call the doctor?" I know that they'll just tell me to give it a day or two and see if it comes out the other end. But what if it gets stuck somewhere in there? So I'm still debating with myself on what to do when all of a sudden "B" coughs real hard and out pops a dime. He starts really crying and saying I need to go to the doctor. I asked, "Did you swallow more money?" He said no. I told him he was fine and off he went to watch Little Bear on Noggin. So I guess we'll really find out if more went down in the next day or so. One good thing to remember though...what goes in must come out - one end or the other!


  1. ohhhhhh...close one! Way to keep it together! lol..... good luck digging for gold the next few days! .......or copper.....

  2. I would have freaked out! Glad you could keep it together-LOL!