Sunday, January 25, 2009


Just the thought of this dirty task makes me cringe. I don't mind the actually washing and drying part of it ("M" says it's because I don't have to do anything but load them haha) but I HATE to put it away. I could fold it all day long but just having to put it away makes me sick. I usually fold everything on my bed and then sort it into stacks for each of us. I will go and put the kids stuff away and usually mine while I'm standing there. But as for "M", his is usually still stacked up when he comes home from work. Does HE put it away? NOPE. So when it's time for bed...guess where it's sitting? You guessed it...still in the neat stack right where I left it about 6 hours earlier. So he tosses it into the floor and that's where it stays. Because of his line of work, he has numerous black t-shirts, socks, long t-shirts, and long underwear. They are all spread out all over his side of the room. Each night I dig through the pile and find what he needs for the next morning and lay it out. (Can we say spoiled? Its actually so he doesn't flip on the lights at 6:15 in the morning to dig through the pile himself, only to move one item out of the way and then say "Have you seen my....I can't find it" but that's a whole other blog in itself). I am very curious to see if there's actually someone out there that likes this tedious task and has time right then with kids running around screaming, I need a drink or I have to poop...If so, feel free to comment. Well, I'm off to start another load!

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  1. I would also like to see who likes this necessary but annoying task!!