Thursday, January 29, 2009


As the day has gone's only gotten messier! "B" and I went out to try and play in the snow. We really couldn't do much because the snow is pretty much ice. You couldn't even see where "B" had been because the top of the snow was pretty much a solid sheet of ice. Once we came in, I fixed spaghetti o's for lunch. After that is when it gets really bad! I pulled out the fingerpaint. I covered the kitchen table with an old table cloth, stripped "C" down and put an old shirt on "B". At first they both just stuck one finger in it and looked at me like what's the big deal about this. Then, I explained that you smear it all around with your hands. "C" was the first one to smear it on his face (he actually tried to eat it but missed and hit his lip). Then it was on for "B". He had it all over both cheeks telling me he was rubbing in lotion. He then "rubbed" it all over his arms, clear up to his elbows. It was worth it...the messier the better! Once everyone was all cleaned up and their "art" was drying, it was time for a nap. I almost have "C" asleep when "B" comes in and says that he accidentally flipped the remaining spaghetti o's in the floor. I told him it was ok and I would clean it up when "C" fell asleep. Little did I know the entire bowl flipped upside down. There were spaghetti o's all down the front of my cabinets, all in the floor, and on my rub. Why is it that when you have a mess of this size, you're out of bleach wipes and paper towels?! Thank goodness that's all over and done with. We only have a few more hours until bed, let's see if we can make it until then without mass chaos!!

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