Saturday, January 31, 2009


I never knew how much I LOVED my bed...I mean REALLY LOVE my bed. I especially love it between the hours 4am-6am. For some reason this is when I'm in that deep sleep and all nice and warm wrapped up in the covers. However, this all comes to an abrupt stop when Rock 105 comes blasting over the radio promptly at 6am. "C" is sleeping in bed with us...his poor body jumps at least 4 feet every morning as he hears the rock songs blairing. That's when our day starts. "M" gets up and starts getting ready for work while I start breakfast. By 7am, he's out the door and breakfast time is over. Just once, I wish we could sleep in. Both kids internal alarm clocks are set to 6 even on "M"'s days off. I can only wish for the day when both kids are sleeping in their own beds and don't get up until 8...I'd even be happy with 7!


  1. we sleep til around 8:30 but no matter what time you get always want more!!!!

  2. I tell Marcus we have to lay in our bed until the sun comes out and then i pull his blinds down!! HA!