Friday, May 22, 2009

Time Flies

Holy Cow! I can not believe I haven't posted since last Saturday!! I honestly thought it was like Monday or Tuesday when I blogged last. Alisha from Stinkerpot Scraps emailed me to see if I was alright because I haven't blogged. This week has flown by!! I have been busy every night this week! Not sure doing what other than playing outside until dark. By the time I get all the toys from outside picked up, the kids inside, baths given, and putting them to bed, it's 10:30 and I have to check on my "farm". Then before I know it, "M's" home and we chat a while and then go to bed. I get up and do it all over again. "M" and I went on a longer ride this week. I am so hooked to riding!! I LOVE it!! (this was only my second time on a bike, ever!) We went on about a 2 1/2 hour ride. Surprisingly enough, my butt wasn't numb and I could have went on for a few more hours. I took the boys to the park the other day and met several of our friends there. It was a blast but so freakin' hot! I'm also starting to put things together for the beach. We leave next Friday morning for the Outerbanks. I am so excited! We weren't able to go last year so I'm very excited to see the kids reactions. "B" hasn't been since he was 18 months maybe and "C" has never been. Both totally love the water and all "B' talks about is playing in the sand and building the biggest sand castles ever! Well, that's about all that's going on here...I hope you guys have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

Oh yeah, speaking of Memorial Day...I have to tell you this story real quick. Run for the Wall went through on Thursday. (incase you don't know what that is, it's a group of bikers, some, maybe most are war veterans, that start out in California and ride to the Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. to remember those who have fallen for our country) The group always spends a night here (not my house haha) and then proceeds to their next stop. I wanted to take the boys to watch so I had one of "M's" co-workers call me to let me know when they were close to leaving. I was told at 8:30am that they were heading out in a couple hours (2 mind you!) About a half an hour later I'm just stepping out of the shower when I get the call that they are leaving, right now! I throw on some clothes and grab the boys and out the door we go. (i'm about 5 min from the interstate entrance) As I'm getting out of the car, I notice that I have no shoes on!! I'm like great, but I'm already here and I'm going on to watch. I get the boys (who are also shoeless) and we go to the sidewalk to watch. Thank goodness the only other person within a close distance was someone that I knew. I'm standing there with wet hair, no shoes, a shoeless kid on my hip, and another barefoot child standing in front of me. (I want absolutely no WV jokes left as a comment LOL - it's people like me who usually end up on tv giving us our bad wrap LOL) But, I was there for the right reasons and introducing a part of history to my kids. There were probably about 300 Veterans who were riding. Everyone was waving and beeping their horns. Most had small American flags mounted to their bikes and it was truly a sight to see. (which you won't get to from me, because I had no camera) The boys totally loved it even though neither really got what it was all about. So, to all of you who may be a Veteran, lost one, or know one, we THANK YOU!!

**This Memorial Day is my first without my grandfather who passed away in August, '08. He was a WWII Veteran. I wish that he was here to have seen the Ride with my boys. We Love You and Miss You...R.I.P. Paw-Paw. I can't wait until I see you again!!**

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