Saturday, May 16, 2009

And the winner is....

Danny. I finally watched the season finale of Hell's Kitchen. I have to admit that I originally wanted Danny to win but after seeing the team he picked, I like Paula's better, minus Lacy. I can't even imagine trying to cook under all of that pressure. I get so wrapped up in these shows lol. I hated Danny's dining room...nothing matched and it was a mix of decor. Paula definitely had the better one! I think I'm all caught up the finales for now. I have to add that I am so glad Coach got the boot off of Survivor Thursday evening. I think that's the next big show that has to come to an end. Also, I finally saw when Gene Simmon's Family Jewels comes back on for another season. It will start up Sunday, June 7th at 9pm. I love this show!! I'm coming to realize that I have several that I love!! Oh yeah, I caught another run of The Biggest Loser finale and was able to see Kristin. I think she looks so good but I don't care for the platinum blonde hair that she went with. I'm off to bed now...well, I have to check on my farm (FarmTown) real quick and then I'm headed there. I have to get my rest...we're goin' Harley ridin' it!! Goodnight!


  1. I'm glad Danny won, I really liked his attitude. He never made me say "oh give me a freakin brake!"

  2. I was very happy with the final two and swore i didn't care who won. Until he named his place Velvet Hammer. I thought his dining room was down right tacky and liked Paula's so much more. But, I was coool with it, at least I like Danny. It was one of the few times I actually liked who won one of these shows, lol!

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I awarded you something in my blog! Check it out!