Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Girls Night Out...

...FINALLY!!! I have never been so excited to leave my kids and enjoy a few hours to myself than I am today. I have cleaned up more messes and broke up more fights in the last two hours than I have ever. I keep forgetting to check to see if it's a full moon. My kids are nuts today and I'm almost there. I think the only thing saving me, is knowing they're getting dropped off at maw-maw's in about an hour. While I'm out kicking back at one of the local Japanese restaurants with some girl friends, "M" will be making a commercial. It's almost prom time so one of the area high schools is setting up a "mock" car accident. Health Net will be there taking off as if they were airlifting an accident victim out, as well as the fire dept and some ambulances. It's all to aid against drunk driving. (M is a cop for those of you who don't know) So we have a pretty interesting evening ahead of us. Tomorrow we have a funeral to attend. A retired law officer passed away so we'll be going to that.

I know I forgot to post a recipe yesterday, like I said I was going to come back to do, but just didn't get back to it. So I'm skipping it this week. I was tagged today, so when I get back this evening, I plan on posting that. I'm off to get ready for dinner...if my kids don't destroy the house first!

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  1. hi lisa,
    yeah for a night or at least a dinner out.. hope you had a great night!

    o yes, duck duck goose... now you are it, check out my blog... i tagged you...

    happy day!